ICANN Validation Information

You may have received an email from Melbourne IT concerning the validity of your domain name’s contact postal or email address, which will be published in the public WHOIS service (http://whois.melbourneit.com.au) . This post aims to explain the reasons for this and help you comply with the validation system.


Since 1 January 2014, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) instituted new rules governing gTLD (generic top-level domains) names such as .com and .net, and new names such as .melbourne and .sydney, requiring registrars like Melbourne IT to institute more strenuous checks on contact information to help reduce fraudulent use of domains.
For more information, a full copy of the RAA 2013 can be viewed on ICANN’s website HERE.

What does this mean for your domain name?

Every time you register a new gTLD domain name, transfer one to Melbourne IT, or change the contact details on an existing domain name, you will be obliged to verify the Whois contact details you are using are valid. We are required to check that your email address is valid.

Method: An email will be sent to the address listed requiring that you click a link, proving that the address is valid.

What if I have not received the email?

Please check your spam folder and confirm, using the account tools, that you are checking the correct admin email address for the domain. If required we can re-send the email to you on request.

What happens if your details are not validated?

If the steps outlined above are not completed within 15 days of the process beginning, your domain may be suspended as mandated by ICANN policy. This means that no email services will function on the domain name and if the domain name is entered into a browser, a notification of suspension will be displayed instead of your website. This is a last resort – we will send reminders on day 5, 10 and 14 directing you to complete the process or make contact if issues persist.