What is a Melbourne IT Registry Key?

A registry key is a unique password linked to your domain name, issued by Melbourne IT. Each domain name has a different registry key and is used to keep your domain name secure. It's required when you add a domain name to your MyAccount and to verify your identity when you contact Customer Service over the phone.

When you register a domain name with Melbourne IT, the registry key is emailed to you. You should keep this email in a safe place.

How to recover the Registry Key

If you ever need to recover your Registry Key, follow these instructions:

Melbourne IT Website

  1. Go to Melbourne IT's homepage
  2. Refer to the tabs above and hover your mouse pointer on 'MyAccount' and click Password Recovery
  3. Type in your domain name and click Continue
    An email will be generated and sent to your Administrative email address which contains your Registry Key


  1. Login to your MyAccount by clicking on the Login link at the top right of the website, and entering your username and password. The MyAccount Console will be displayed
  2. Click Manage Domain Names under the 'Manage Domain Names' section of the Console.
    The Manage Domain Names page will be displayed with the list of domain names under your MyAccount.
  3. Click the 'domain name' you wish to retrieve the Registry Key for. The Domain Management page will be displayed.
  4. Towards the left of the console under 'Overview' you will see the Registry Key

Registry Key Recovery Form

When retrieving the Registry Key by form, you need to make sure you download the correct form. Currently there are two forms available which are found below.

Once the form is submitted, please allow up to 72 hours for processing.