Registering a domain name

Note: This article covers Melbourne IT DPS customers only.

How to Register a Domain Name

  1. Log in to your parent level Admin Panel
  2. Hover over 'Domains' and select 'Register'
  3. Enter the domain you wish to register and select the extension and registration period. If a desired domain extension is not available, please email [email protected] to request our admin team to register the domain for you.
  4. Select the sub-account for the domain to go into (by default this is your parent account)
  5. Enter the registrant contact details (these should be the details of the organisation that owns the domain)
  6. If the domain is a .au extension also enter the ABN or ACN details, ABN details should appear on a ABN search here and ACN details on a search here
  7. Select hosting and change your name servers, if required
  8. Agree to the terms and conditions
  9. Select 'Register Domain'

For more information, please contact your Account Manager.