gTLD Domain Expiration Cycle

Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) currently managed by Melbourne IT include: .com, .net, .org, .biz and .info domains.

The formal expiration cycle can be found at

  • Renewal Process: Domain renewal reminders are sent at 89, 30, 5 days before and on the expiry date. On expiry date, CLIENTHOLD status is added to the domain, stopping it from resolving any DNS records.
  • You are then given 30 days past the expiry date to renew. Failure to renew will result in us cancelling the domain name from the registry, which sends the domain name to REDEMPTION for 30 days. While in Redemption, the domain can be recovered (For a fee that we pay the registry).
  • After 30 days in REDEMPTION, the domain name enters PENDINGDELETE for 5 days (domain cannot be recovered from us at this time) before being deleted from the registry completely and being made available for re-registration. The chances of re-registering are very slim due to the domain name aftermarket/speculation on expired domains.
  • Deletions: If a client wants to delete a domain name they must provide a signed written request on registrant letterhead (or a signed request + photo ID if the registrant is an individual). The domain name will be deleted from the .com registry and will enter the REDEMPTION status then PENDINGDELETE as per gTLD expiry cycle.