Whois Data Validation FAQ

My domain has been suspended, what do I do now?

You must verify your contact details. If you cannot locate the original validation emails sent to you, you can contact our Support team and they can resend the emails for you.

How do I get my approval email resent?

To resend to the domain contact email address contact our Customer Care team who can resend manually.

Do I need to validate my .com.au/.net.au/.org.au/etc domain registration?

No. This is an ICANN policy - AU domains are regulated by auDA who do not require this.

What happens if I don’t approve the email request?

Your domain is at risk of being suspended if you do not validate your contact details before 15 days from the request date.

The validation emails are going to spam, how do I fix this?

You will need to put [email protected] in your trusted email address list, also known as a whitelist.

Why are you making me approve these requests?

ICANN have brought in this policy to reduce fraud on domain registrations and increase the validity of publically available Whois data.

Do other registrars have the same requirements?

Yes, all registrars that are accredited with ICANN are required to have a similar policy.

Who is ICANN?

ICANN is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers who manage registrars for gTLD domains.

What domains require the approval for registration, transfer and update?

Only gTLD domains require the contact validation. No other domain extensions are affected.

Where does the reseller required “Registrants and Benefits and Responsibilities” link have to be placed.

The link must be placed on your website. Placement is not set by the policy but it must be visible by your customers.

I don’t sell domain should I put the “Registrants and Benefits and Responsibilities” link on my website

The link only needs to be displayed for Resellers that actively sell gTLD domains

I have a whitelabel with you, are you going to add the link?

The link has been placed in our default whitelabel setup files. You will need to update your domain-names.php file with the latest version.

If the address does not exist on google maps what should I do?

Our process for validation will always allow a customer to complete a manual address entry which will be sent to our staff for validation.

In regards to the ICANN email validation ­ what happens if a domain has privacy enabled?

Our internal system stores the email address of the contact regardless of the privacy product. This is done so we can still contact the owner for renewal, validation or service critical notifications.

How does this affect customers who have supplied a P.O. Box for the address which has no street name?

This will fall under the manual validation process, as Google cannot validate PO boxes.

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