Account Suspension

A suspension of services may occur for the following reasons:

  • When invoice payments have not been received
  • If the website or email service has been compromised
  • If the website or email service is involved in any illegal activity

In each case, our support team will attempt to contact the listed Account owner either via phone and/or email, and offer assistance related to the matter. If any or all of your services have been suspended and we haven't yet contacted you, please contact our customer care team to review the reasons why and to rectify the issue.

Invoice payments

MelbourneIT reserves the right to suspend all customer accounts services that have outstanding invoices, in accordance with the terms of the subscription agreement. We make every effort to advise customers of any upcoming payments, providing time to cancel such services or make payments.

Once an account is suspended, all domain services contained in the account are also suspended. Note: Suspension will prevent all services from functioning. Once payment is made, an account will be automatically unsuspended and services resumed (Generally within the hour). If your service remains unpaid, it will be cancelled within 30 days after suspension. If your service is cancelled and you still want it, please contact our customer care team asap as we may be able to recover your data - please note we will only keep your data for a short period of time. It is the customer's responsibility to back up their own data.