Transferring .nz Domain Names

How to transfer a .nz domain

The transfer of domain names is a process that allows you to consolidate the renewal of your domain names to a single supplier. You can transfer your domain names to Melbourne IT, we then inform you of all future renewals.

  1. A domain transfer order is submitted by the customer, via the Melbourne IT website or in your account. This transfer order must contain the UDAI (Unique Domain Authentication Identifier) password for the domain. If a password is not supplied, or it is incorrect, the transfer will not be successful.
  2. Once Melbourne IT receives the transfer order, we verify the UDAI password with the New Zealand Registry, to ensure that the transfer can proceed. When we receive confirmation that the UDAI password is correct, we will then apply directly to the Registry for the transfer of the domain.
  3. The New Zealand Registry will transfer the domain immediately (as long as the UDAI password is correct) and the domain will be set up within your Melbourne IT account. You will be notified of the successful transfer via email. Your billing information will also be charged for the renewal of the domain, which is required when transferring .nz domains.

Please note: Melbourne IT does not send "requests for authorisation" emails for .nz domain transfers.

What is my UDAI password?

The UDAI (Unique Domain Authentication Identifier) password is only applicable to .nz domains. If you have lost your UDAI password, simply contact your registrar.

If you are a Melbourne IT customer, simply log in to your account, click on the "Domain Name" link and press "Generate new UDAI password".

Transfer Checklist for .nz Domain Names

  1. Obtain the UDAI authorization code from current registrar.
  2. The .nz Registry requires a special password called a UDAI to approve domain name transfers. Obtain this password code from your current registrar before submitting a domain transfer otherwise, your domain will not be able to be transferred.
    Once you have completed the above step, clients will be able to submit a transfer request to transfer the registration of your domain name to Melbourne IT. If you have any questions, or if you need advice, Melbourne IT has a dedicated Domain Administration Team on hand to help. Contact our Domain Administration Team on 1300 638 734.