Transferring Your Domain And Website To Melbourne IT

It is possible to transfer (a.k.a. migrate) both your domain name and your associated website hosting service to Melbourne IT. Each process is performed separately, and neither of the processes is dependent on the other. You can transfer the domain registration to Melbourne IT at any time and retain your hosting service where it is. Similarly, you can transfer your website to Melbourne IT hosting services and leave the registration at the original/current registration provider.

Depending on your current domain registration details and hosting configurations, Melbourne IT can help tailor a migration plan to suit your needs.

How to transfer your domain name: the basics

You can initiate the transfer of domain names to Melbourne IT via your account, or through the Melbourne IT website.

Click Transfer Domains in your Melbourne IT account or click here to go to the transfer page. NOTE: In many cases, domain transfer passwords (EPP, UDAI, Auth-Info) will be required to initiate a transfer request.

Domain names, like .com, require you to renew the domain names as you transfer from one registrar to another. A bulk transfer of .com domain names is available on request – please speak with our customer care team for further information.

For detailed transfer assistance, please click below:

How to transfer your website: the basics

You can transfer hosting from one provider to another with minimal downtime for the website and its associated email hosting services. There are several methods to achieve this, the easiest being to set up the hosting environment with Melbourne IT and test it to ensure it is operational before transferring name servers to point to the newly set up website. Please contact our customer care team for assistance.