How do I edit my domain name servers or DNS records?

If your domain is registered with Melbourne IT, you can update your Name Servers in your Melbourne IT account. For more information about Name Servers and DNS click here to view our guide.

Change your domain's Name Servers

  1. Log in to your Melbourne IT account
  2. Next to the domain, click Manage
    1 click Manage.jpg
  3. Under Administration click Update Name Servers OR click Domain Delegation on the left side of the screen

2 domain delegation.jpg

  1. Under Name Servers, type in the Name Servers you want to use or click Set Default to use Melbourne IT's default Name Servers

Click Add another name server [+] if you need to add more Name Servers. To remove Name Servers just remove the server name from the text box

3 type in NS.jpg

  1. Click Update

Name Servers may take several hours to change over.

How to edit zone records using Zone Manager

If your name Servers point to Melbourne IT (like in the above image) and you want to edit your zone records, click here to view our guide on how to do this.