Transferring Domains Away From Melbourne IT

What you will need to transfer your domain to another registrar

Domain name transfers are handled by the gaining registrar so you will need to ask the registrar you are transferring the domain to for specific details regarding their procedures. They will typically need the domain EPP/Authcode and require you to authenticate yourself via the domain registrant/admin contact email address.

What you should consider before transferring a domain

  • A domains name servers cannot be modified during the transfer process.
  • A domains whois contact details cannot be modified during the transfer process.
  • While the transfer process is free for all registrars, some TLDs (domain extensions) require domain renewal during transfer. This is a registry requirement and does not relate to the gaining registrars company policies.
  • Some domains must be at least 60 days old before you attempt to transfer them to another provider. This is a registry requirement and does not relate to the gaining registrars company policies.

Expected Wait Times for Domain Transfer to Complete

This depends on the TLD of the domain name you are transferring. Below is a list of the most popular TLDs with their associated wait times, however please note those which are NOT listed are likely to have the same process as .com domains.

Do transfer requests expire?

Yes, if you submit a transfer request and do not confirm it, it will naturally expire after 72 hours. You cannot confirm a transfer request after it has expired. If you receive a notice that your transfer request timed out - you need to re-submit your transfer request at the gaining registrar. Make sure to confirm as per instructions this time.

I didn't receive the confirmation request for my transfer!

If you didn't get an email requesting to confirm the transfer, then the Whois information of your domain name must hold an incorrect/out of date email address of yours. Login to your Account and modify the Domain Registrant Contact information to ensure that the Whois details are up to date, to allow the transfer process to run through to the next step. If you discover you have not received the email, the transfer will time out and you can try again after updating your contact details. You cannot update Whois information while your domain is pending transfer, therefore you must wait for transfer to time out before correcting your details.

Can I transfer a domain with domain privacy?

No. You will need to turn off your domain privacy before trying to transfer your domain away from or to Melbourne IT. Once the domain transfer has been accepted and completed, you can then reactivate your domain privacy services. This is because your domain needs to be publicly listed in order for you to receive the domain transfer approval emails from your new registrar.

If you transfer your domain away from Melbourne IT, you will need to cancel your domain privacy service as it does not follow your domain to your new provider. It must be cancelled manually, as it is a subscription service that renews automatically.

To turn off your Melbourne IT domain privacy service, please follow these instructions:

  1. Log into the Console
  2. Click the domain you want to manage
  3. Click 'Domain Name'
  4. On the next page, scroll down to 'Domain Privacy' and click 'Click here to disable domain privacy'
  5. Once the page has refreshed, it will inform you at the top of the page that your domain privacy has been disabled

Note: This only disables domain privacy, it does not cancel it. To cancel a subscription service, please follow the instructions here.

Can I transfer an expired domain?

Yes, you can transfer expired domains but you will need to renew the domain during the transfer if it has already expired.