Transferring .com/.net/.org/.info/.biz Domain Names

The article below outlines how to transfer a gTLD domain name (.com/.net/.org) to us from another Registrar. If your domain is already with us and you simply wish to update your WHOIS contact details, see our Update Domain WHOIS contact details support article.

To transfer a gTLD domain name to us you will need

What do I need to consider before I transfer my domain to Melbourne IT?

  • Once a domain enters PENDINGTRANSFER status, its name servers cannot be modified until the transfer is complete. You might want to consider modifying your domains name servers before beginning the transfer.
  • You will need to renew your gTLD domain for a minimum of one year during the transfer of the domain.

How to transfer a gTLD to Melbourne IT if you're a new customer:

Initiate a domain transfer to Melbourne IT via our website (click here) or your account (click here to log in) and follow the steps.

Once submitted, you will immediately get an email to the email address provided during account creation. This email will include your account reference and password for your new account. However, no domain or services will exist within the account yet.

Approving a gTLD domain transfer

Once a request has been made to transfer the gTLD domain name to us, an email will be sent to the WHOIS admin contact email address of the domain (this email can take 1-2 hours to be sent). You can check what the current WHOIS admin contact email address for your gTLD domain is at any WHOIS database.

If you do not currently have access to this email address, you must contact your current registrar and request they update your domain's WHOIS admin contact email address. To proceed with the transfer, an approval link that is provided to the WHOIS admin contact email address must be clicked.

Once clicked, the request to transfer the domain begins. It generally takes 5-7 days from the moment the link is clicked for the gTLD domain to be transferred to us.

gTLD domain transfer process

  1. The transfer request is made by the domain owner
  2. Approval email sent to WHOIS admin email address
  3. WHOIS admin email address clicks approval link
  4. Melbourne IT advise the Registry of the transfer request
  5. Domain enters PENDINGTRANSFER status
  6. Current registrar release domain (typically within 5-7 days of request)
  7. The domain is transferred to Melbourne IT