FAQ: Refunds Policy

Melbourne IT is one of Australia's largest and most respected domain name registrars and web hosting organisations. In the spirit of this, it's Melbourne IT's policy to maintain a fair balance when providing services or subscriptions to clients. The information below is answers to frequently asked questions regarding refunds at Melbourne IT.

When a client initially purchases a service or subscription with Melbourne IT, a number of teams and support staff are immediately activated in order to provide those services as promptly and efficiently as possible. Melbourne IT establishes and maintains these services with the expectation that clients have made an informed decision about their requirements. These activities have a tangible financial cost to Melbourne IT in terms of both time and resources, particularly where a potential client may have purchased or renewed their services and has then decided against progressing further with their plans for a web presence. It is for these reasons that Melbourne IT have included into the Terms and Conditions under the Fees and Payment clause (7) that: "Unless the Service Terms expressly provide differently, if you terminate a fixed period contract before the end of its term, you will be charged an early termination charge equal to 6 months’ fees or the fees for the rest of the contract term, whichever is the lesser."

Please note, we offer a 14 day Money Back Guarantee for certain products. For full details, please see clause 7 of our General Terms and Conditions.

What subscription term options are available?

Melbourne IT offer various subscription periods for many services including:

  • Free 30 day trial;
  • Monthly;
  • Yearly.

Clients are invited to trial Melbourne IT web hosting and email hosting services at no charge when registering new domains to ensure these services meet their required and expected needs. These services are also available on an ongoing monthly subscription basis and may be cancelled at any time. Such billing arrangements may be suitable for hosting longer than the free trial terms allow. Additionally, a great deal of written information is available online on the Melbourne IT homepage detailing the features of those products, including the full cost. To this end, Melbourne IT advises clients to be certain about their purchase before they go ahead with payment, as their refund request may be rejected.

What are the conditions for which Melbourne IT will offer a refund?

Melbourne IT makes every effort to ensure our clients are fully informed and advised of their rights, however, there may be circumstances where you might they feel warrant further consideration. For example:

  • You have legitimately attempted to cancel services before the due date or following the invoicing period but have been invoiced or charged;
  • You have purchased services or subscriptions based on information provided by Melbourne IT that have failed to perform according to this information;
  • You have purchased a service within the last 30 days and it is eligible for a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

In circumstances such as these, in accordance with our Terms and Conditions Melbourne IT will offer a full refund.

My circumstances don't meet the criteria outlined in the Terms and Conditions.

In all circumstances, Melbourne IT is happy to review cases on an individual basis. Customer Service is available 24/7 and are happy to advise you on your options. Please note that Melbourne IT Phone Support cannot make decisions related to refunds, however, you will be advised that before any refund is offered, the services or subscriptions for which you require such a refund must be cancelled. You will then be asked to submit your refund request to [[email protected]](mailto:feedback@Melbourne IT.com.au). Please include as much information as possible about your circumstance and your reasons for requesting a refund. Melbourne IT management will review all requests on a case-by-case basis and response can generally be expected within 72 hours.

How do I cancel my services or subscriptions?

All Melbourne IT services or subscriptions must be cancelled prior to their invoicing date. Please refer to the Service Cancellation article for assistance in cancelling any service or subscription that you may have with Melbourne IT. No cancellation fees are applicable to subscription services.