Cloud Hosting - Overview

Our new Cloud Hosting Plans come with a new interface named 'The Console'. The Console is an easy way to manage your hosting services with Melbourne IT. From advanced DNS capabilities to database management.

How do I Access the Console?

  1. Log into your MyAccount
  2. Under Manage Services, click View Webhosting Services
  3. On the next page, click on the domain name’s Cloud Hosting product
  4. On the next page, click Manage Service
  5. Now your inside The Console you can manage your hosting

What's inside of the console?


The Dashboard is the first screen of The Console. It gives us a complete overview of our tools and options avaliable to us.

Zone Manager

Here is where you can manage your Zone File. For more information head over to our article for How do I manage my DNS on Cloud?

Cloud Hosting

Displays details of hosting plan. A general overview of statistics. You can also see your FTP details here. You can create up to to 10 FTP Accounts


Overall database management, includes options of adding & managing your databases. For more information head over to our article for How to Create & Manage Databases.


A wide range of one click application installs. The apps include:
b2evolution, concrete5, cubecart ,Drupal, formmail. gallery, joomla, magento, Mambo, mediawiki, WordPress


Advanced webserver options allow you to modify your default document ( otherwise known as your index page ). You can also create server aliases, manipulate MIME types & modify PHP version.


Gives you an overview of traffic to your website. We have a few different options for statistic management. They are:
Analog, AWStats, The Webalizer, Analog + Report Magic & Funnel Web


Overview of email services, allows email creation and the management of email accounts. Antispam is also configured via this interface.

Email Configuration

Here you can modify individual mailboxes, setup auto responders & download our email configuration script for Microsoft Outlook.