Updating contact details on domain

When you change your address or contact details for a domain, it's a requirement to keep this information up to date. Sometimes these are also referred to as WHOIS contact details.

Updating contact details

To update the contact information on your domain, please follow the steps below:

1. Log into your Melbourne IT MyAccount by clicking HERE.
2. Select "Manage domain names"

Contact Details - 1

3. Double click on the domain to go to the Management screen
4. On the upper right side of the management screen, you will see the current contact details.
5. Beneath this window is a link marked "Change contact details". Click this.

Contact Details - 2

6. You can now either update the contact details globally (ie: change registrant, admin, tech and billing all at once) or use the "Advanced edit mode" link to edit a particular field.

Melbourne IT MyAccount

We realise you may not have logged into your Melbourne IT MyAccount for a while. In essence, your MyAccount is the place where you may manage your domains & services. Please refer to the following articles for information pertaining to your Melbourne IT MyAccount.

Contact Details Validation

Some GLTD's require contact detail validation from ICANN.
Please refer to the following article for information regarding ICANN's Validation Policy: