How Do I Delete The Default MX Records?

If you have Domain Manager or web hosting services with Melbourne IT but want to manage your emails with an external email provider, you can remove the default Melbourne IT Mail Exchange (MX) records from the zone file of your domain.

In addition to removing the Melbourne IT MX records, if you manage your emails externally, you will need to make sure to add MX records that point to your external mail provider's mail exchange.

Removing Melbourne IT's MX records from zone manager

Warning: When disabling email, all associated email accounts will be deleted and any emails stored on our servers will be erased. Ensure that any important emails have been backed up. Contact Melbourne IT support for further information or assistance.

To disable the Melbourne IT MX records:

  1. Login to the Account Level console
  2. Manage your domain
  3. Click Email
  4. Slide the Email Status to 'Off'
  5. Read the displayed warning (detailed above) then click [OK]
  6. The MX records are removed from your zone