Transfer a domain away

To transfer a domain name away from Melbourne IT,

Please send an email [HERE ](mailto: [email protected])including the following information:

1. Provide the domain name you wish to transfer.

2. Provide the IPS-TAG from the people your transferring to

(You need to call your new host to obtain this information) ours for example is MELBOURNE-IT and the registry requires this tag to move the domain name)

3. The support code for your account (which currently manages the domain) to authorise the request, for more information on getting a support code please see the article here:

Support Code Authentication

An example email would be:

“Please organise the transfer of my domain name to (EXAMPLE COMPANY)


a) Domain name is: example domain name

b) IPS TAG to transfer to is: EXAMPLE-COMPANY

c) Support code for my account is: 123456

Thank You"

Please send the information via email [HERE](mailto: [email protected])