How do I know who’s using my Done For You Website?

As a part of your Done For You Website package, you will also receive monthly Google Analytics reports.

These reports will included standard website analysis statistics such as the number of unique users and page views. It will also include some basic user demographics.

How often do I get a report?

Once a month on the sixth of every month.

What time frame does the report cover?

The report compares two previous months of data. For example, if you received a report in July, it compares May’s data with June

What’s in the report?

Total Number of Users
Measures total number of users (including New and previous visitors) over the month. One compares month by month in a timeline and the second is a numbered total.

Pages Visited
Shows which pages were visited and the average time spent on that page.

Where Did my Visitors Come From?
Which city where your visitors located when they visited the site.

Searches and New Users
What search terms (or key phrases) did the visitor use to find your site.

How long did they spend on my site?
This report counts how long each visitor spent on your site in total.

Now What?

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