Updating your contact & payment details

It’s important that your contact details are kept up to date, as we need to be able to get in touch if your domain is expiring soon or there is a problem we need to discuss. With some types of domain name, it’s also a requirement that we check if you are contactable once a year. These aspects are handled through the “Profile settings” section of the MyAccount screen. To edit these details, please follow the steps below:

Update Contact Details

It's important to keep your contact details up-to-date with Melbourne IT. At times, Melbourne IT may contact you regarding your services and your contact details must be current. If you need to update your contact details, click Update Contact Details in your MyAccount. All fields that are denoted with an asterisk require data to be populated.

Update Password

To update your MyAccount password, please click Update Password to access the password section of the MyAccount. Your password can be successfully updated through here and you have the option to supply a 'Password Hint' for extra verification in case you forget your details.

Manage Payment Details

Upon purchasing a product through Melbourne IT, credit card details are typically stored in your MyAccount for future payments. By clicking on Manage Payment Details, you are able to add, edit or remove an existing credit card.

To manage the payment information on file for your account, please begin by logging into your MyAccount. On the right hand side of the top column, you will see a link marked "Manage payment details". Click this.

You will see a tab marked "Credit cards". If you select this, you will see a list of card numbers saved to your account. You will also see a tab marked "Show actions".

When you select the "Show actions" tab, you will see the following actions:

  • Add credit card
  • Set as primary. This will set the card as the default payment method for all new orders.
  • Edit credit card. Use this to update the expiry date of an existing card.
  • Delete credit card. Removes the card form the account.

Please Note: Adding a new card or setting another card as the primary will not change the card used for repeating scheduled payments. If you need to change the payment method for a scheduled payment, please contact support. Either by contacting [email protected] or giving us call on 1300 654 677 if in Australia or +61 3 8624 2300 if dialing internationally.