Exchange - Creating Mailboxes

To begin, sign in to Mission Control via Enter your username (which should resemble this: VS123456) and your password, and you’ll be taken to the Mission Control Home Page.

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Click the Create or Modify a Mailbox link.

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In the New Mailbox section, select a mailbox type from the drop-down box. The options are as follows*:

NamePrice (monthly)Data allocationNotes
Mobile Business$5.954GBWeb access only
Small Business$12.9510GBCan be setup in Outlook
Small Business Premium$19.9525GBCan be setup in Outlook

*Correct at time of writing. For the most up to date prices, please visit

Once you have selected a mailbox type, click Create Mailbox.

Set the required details in the sections highlighted above, as a minimum. Check the following settings:

  • Mailbox Status is On
  • Exchange Type is the level of mailbox you desire
  • Mail Email Address is the email address you want to create
  • Password has been entered

You can also set the other settings, if needed. We recommend setting the Warning Quota to be 50mb under your quota, and setting the Prohibit Send and Receive Quota to 1mb under your quota. This will prevent you from exceeding your allocated storage for the mailbox (which would incur excess data storage charges, if it were to happen).

As an example, the mailbox we have created here has 10gb (10,000mb) of storage. We’ve set the Warning Quota to 9,550mb, and the Prohibit Quota to 9,999mb.

Once the settings are as desired, click Save.

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Assuming the required fields have been filled correctly, a popup will appear, advising you that the mailbox will take up to two hours to become active. Click OK.

As you can see, the mailbox now exists. The Export Status column will tell you when the mailbox is ready to be used; this will change from Pending Update to Operational once the automatic setup has completed and the mailbox is ready to be setup in your mail client.