Managing Your Business Profile

As part of your registration service through Melbourne IT, you are able to access to a number of free services for your domain names, as well as your business. One of those services is Business Profile - a one page website builder which allows you to post your basic business contact information for any visitors, rather than build a whole website, which not everyone wants to do. A business profile is also handy to have in place while your website is being developed by outside resources.

To take advantage of the Business Profile for your newly registered domain name, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to The Console
  2. Manage your domain
  3. Click [Business Profile] in the left menu
  4. Enter your business contact information and click "M odify" to save

I can't find the Business Profile option!

You probably didn't choose to park the domain name during your registration application. Simply contact our Customer Service team if you'd like it enabled, however however please make sure your domain is registered with us before calling, as we are only able to enable this service on domains registered through us.

I want to change the template of the page

By default, the Template used for the page is "The Parked Page". This is a Melbourne IT branded page so it's best to change your Template to prevent any confusion for your visitors who might wish to contact you. Click the Template drop down menu to select "Business Profile" Template to get a clean, white page with your business information printed on it.

I want to add my busines logo to the page

To upload a logo to your Business Profile page:

  1. Click [Choose File] against the "Upload Logo" field
  2. Select an image from your computer (it must be in JPEG, PNG or GIF format)
  3. Click [Modify]

Once uploaded, the logo will be added above the Company Name. Check the "Preview of selected template" box toward the bottom of the page to ensure it looks correct. If the image is too large, you will need to resize it before re-uploading it to your business profile.

I want to link to another website from my business profile

To link to another website from your Business Profile page, use HTML code tags in the Commentsfield of the configuration page. Either of the codes below will work, just edit out the example Melbourne IT information and add in your own:

Click here for the official site.


Visit the official Melbourne IT website.

Description meta tag

For Search Engines to display your website search result with a description of your website, modify the Description field on the configuration page.