Merge Accounts

This article covers the transfer of a Melbourne IT registered domain name and/or related services from one Melbourne IT account into another existing Melbourne IT account. If the domain name is to be transferred from another registrar to Melbourne IT, you will need to transfer the domain name.If the domain name and/or service is to be transferred into a new Melbourne IT account that does not currently exist, you will need to complete a domain split request.

Please note:

  • An import domain request requires the Master account reference and password of the individual gaining the domain.
  • If the domain currently has email and/or web hosting services attached, a member of our Accounts Department will contact the current account holder for approval of this merge.
  • All domain merge and import requests are processed manually by our Accounts team.
  • The gaining account holder will be contacted via email regarding any issue related with the submission, or when the process has been completed. Account contact details should be updated to ensure we can contact you.

Required Information

The following information is required when merging a domain from one Melbourne IT account into another:

  • Name of the domain - e.g.
  • Domain Level Login (also known as the domain username).
  • Domain Level Password - the password associated with the Domain Level Login.
  • Agreement terms and conditions of service.
  • Agreement of settlement - for all open and future invoices for this account, including associated services.

Note: the Domain Level Passwords allow for transfers between Melbourne IT accounts and should not be confused with a domain transfer password (auth code), which is used to transfer ownership of the domain to another party or registrar).