How do I apply for TMCH?

Note: This article covers Melbourne IT DPS customers only.

In order to process an application with the trademark clearing house (TMCH), please complete the following forms online and forward them to your Account Manager;

  1. TMCH Application Form
  2. Assignee Declaration Form
  3. License Declaration Form
  4. Proof of Use Form
    Also send through a screenshot that proves that your company uses the trademark in it's exact, stand-alone form (e.g. website, magazine, public document etc.).

Our internal TMCH expert will prevalidate all forms to minimise the risk of your application failing. If any forms require amendment, we will email you back. Otherwise, we process all paperwork directly with TMCH for you.
TMCH will undergo a strict verification process, after which time we will forward through your Signed Mark Data file and your trademark will officially be registered with TMCH.

For more information, please contact your Account Manager.