Why is my site down after migration?

As per our email communication you may have been selected to be migrated to our new hosting infrastructure, part of this relies on us moving your data across. In most cases you should't experience any down time. However there are a few scenarios where you'll need to make alterations.

Domain is registered somewhere else?

If your domain is registered somewhere else you'll need to delegate your domain to our new hosting name servers. They are:

  • ns1.partnerconsole.net
  • ns2.partnerconsole.net
  • ns3.partnerconsole.net

I am using different name servers what records do I need to add?

You will need to update your base A record & WWW record with your DNS provider. You can find the correct details in 'The Console'.

  1. Log into your MyAccount
  2. Click on Manage Services
  3. Select your Cloud Hosting Product
  4. Click Manage Service
  5. Click 'Zone Manager inside of 'The Console'
  6. Identify your A record by reading through your Zone File.
  7. Contact your DNS Provider and update your records accordingly

My DNS is fine, but my website is broken?

If your website was functioning correctly pre-migration and your DNS is correctly setup, we have a migrations team in place who can assist in reviewing your website. We will endeavour to assist you in fixing your site to work with the platform.