How To Cancel A Domain Name

Domain name registrations are purchased for a static period. Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD) may be purchased for 1-10 years, while .au domains can only be purchased for up to two years at a time. Domain names that are no longer required can be simply left to lapse at their expiry date. If the domain name must be cancelled for any reason prior to the expiry date, the domain name registrant must submit a written request for the de-registration of the domain.


If you have an email, web hosting, or e-commerce subscription allocated to this domain name, you are advised to consider cancelling your subscription services at the same time as your domain name cancellation. Melbourne IT does not cancel hosting subscriptions under the assumption customers no longer need it, even when a domain is no longer current.

To cancel the domain licence


If the registrant entity is a Sole Trader (an ABN assigned to an individual), then all we require is the photo ID of that person, and the desired registrant email address.

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If the registrant is a company or a similar entity, then additional information is required. In order to prove that you are authorised to act on behalf of this entity, we will need an offfical ASIC extract of the registrant entity. These can be obtained from the ASIC website.

This can be obtained by searching for your ABN/ACN on the ASIC wesbite. Once on the page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the link to obtain the Company Extract – Current company information.

An example extract can be viewed here.

Accompanying the ASIC extract, we will also need the Photo ID of one of the directors or proprietors listed on the extract, as these are the people authorised to act on behalf of this entity.

***While other documentation may be accepted, this is our preferred method of verification as it contains all of the relevant information, and is useful document to have for any future methods of verification, and is used in a number of other processes.

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All requests must be dated, signed and may be submitted via:

  • Case Log In Here (in JPG or PDF format)
  • Calling Us we will then create a case for you to reply to with your request

Once a domain registration has been cancelled, the domain will be available for registration again after 24 to 72 hours or slightly longer depending on the domain extension.